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Virtual workshop on “Co-design for new forms of urban living’’

14 October 2020, from 16h30 to 18h00 CET


In the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities, the Architects’ Council of Europe, the Federal Chamber of German Architects’ (Bundesarchitektenkammer - BAK), the European Council of Town Planners (ECTP) and the Institute for Spatial Policies (IPoP) will hold a joint virtual workshop on Wednesday 14 October 2020 from 4.30pm to 6pm (CET).

Urbanisation, climate change and the housing crisis require new forms of habitat and urban space to be designed.  Quality projects can only emerge from interdisciplinary discourse, innovative funding schemes as well as the active participation of informed citizens.  By putting people at the heart of the design process, citizens are empowered to participate in the creation and regeneration of the urban fabric.  They help decision-makers to understand communities' needs and thus to achieve socially and economically sustainable projects.

The session will aim to discuss challenges inherent to participatory approaches, through the presentation of concrete projects, but also good practice examples of how civil society can organise itself to influence the design of the built environment.  Special focus will be put on small and medium cities.  Ultimately, the workshop will aim to consider a possible methodology for effective participatory design processes.


  •  Anna CHIAMBRETTO, Chargée de projets immobiliers, Community Land Trust Brussels, Belgium
  • Sophia DE SOUSA, Chief Executive, The Glass-House Community Led Design, United Kingdom
  • Marta JASKULSKA, Director, Kongres Ruchów Miejskich / Congress of Urban Movements, Poland
  • Mohamed RIDOUANI, Mayor of Leuven, Belgium

Moderation by Eugen PANESCU, Member of the ACE Executive Board

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About #EURegionsWeek

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement EU cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.  This year, the EURegionsWeek - under the motto “Restart. Europe. Together” - will spread over three consecutive weeks in October, each one dedicated to one topic: Empowering Citizens, Cohesion and Cooperation, Green Europe, in cooperation with the Green Week.


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Atelier virtuel sur la "Conception participative pour de nouvelles formes de vie urbaine”

14 octobre 2020 de 16h30 à 18h00 CET

Dans le cadre de la Semaine européenne des régions et des villes, le Conseil des Architectes d'Europe (CAE), la Chambre Fédérale des Architectes Allemands (Bundesarchitektenkammer - BAK), le Conseil Européen des Urbanistes (ECTP) et l'Institut des Politiques Spatiales (IPoP) organiseront un atelier virtuel le mercredi 14 octobre 2020 de 16h30 à 18h (CET).

L'urbanisation, le changement climatique et la crise du logement nécessitent la conception de nouvelles formes d'habitats et d'espaces urbains.  Des projets de qualité ne peuvent émerger que d'un discours interdisciplinaire, de programmes de financement innovants ainsi que de la participation active de citoyens bien informés.  Lorsqu’ils sont placés au cœur du processus de conception, les citoyens sont habilités à participer à la création et à la régénération du tissu urbain.  Ils peuvent ainsi aider les décideurs à comprendre les besoins des communautés et donc à réaliser des projets socialement et économiquement durables.

La session visera à discuter des défis inhérents aux approches participatives, par la présentation de projets concrets, mais aussi d'exemples de bonnes pratiques sur la façon dont la société civile peut s'organiser pour influencer la conception de l'environnement bâti.  Un accent particulier sera mis sur les petites et moyennes villes.  Enfin, l'atelier visera à réfléchir à une méthodologie possible pour des processus de conception participative efficaces.

Intervenants :

  • Anna CHIAMBRETTO, Chargée de projets immobiliers, Community Land Trust Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Sophia DE SOUSA, Directrice générale, The Glass-House Community Led Design, Royaume-Uni
  • Marta JASKULSKA, Directrice, Kongres Ruchów Miejskich / Congrès des mouvements urbains, Pologne
  • Mohamed RIDOUANI, Maire de Louvain, Belgique

Modération par Eugen PANESCU, membre du Bureau exécutif du CAE

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A propos de la Semaine européenne des Régions et des Villes

La Semaine européenne des régions et des villes est un événement annuel de quatre jours au cours duquel les villes et les régions montrent leur capacité à créer de la croissance et des emplois, à mettre en œuvre la politique de cohésion de l'UE et à prouver l'importance du niveau local et régional pour la bonne gouvernance européenne.  Cette année, la semaine des régions européennes - sous la devise "Restart. Europe. Together" - s'étendra sur trois semaines consécutives en octobre, chacune étant consacrée à un thème : Responsabiliser les citoyens, cohésion et coopération, l'Europe verte, en coopération avec la Semaine verte.


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The Leipzig Charter is currently being updated 

The (initial) Leipzig Charter contains two key policy messages:

  • Integrated urban development should be applied through Europe and, the appropriate framework should be established at national and European level in order to be successful.
  • Deprived urban neighbourhoods must increasingly receive political attention within the scope of an integrated urban development policy.
    (source : wikipedia)

The ECTP-CEU has drafted a position paper on The New Leipzig Charter

The ECTP-CEU, the European community of spatial planners, welcomes the initiative of revising the 2007 Leipzig Charter and supports the efforts of writing a New Leipzig Charter. The ECTP-CEU has been participating actively in the revision process so far, considering it to be an important step, improving the quality of urban policies in the European Union.
In this final stage of the process, the ECTP-CEU, supporting the overall structure, setup and content of the Charter and the implementation document, wishes to add a few suggestions, collected amongst its national member organisations and assembled by the Leipzig Charter Working Group.

<< read the ECTP-CEU position paper >>

<< read the ECT-CEU Reactions and suggestions on Implementation doc on The New Leipzig Charter (June 2020) >> 

some links:

Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities (city of Liepzig website) 

Plymouth planning director Paul Barnard awarded RTPI’s top honour

13 December 2019

Paul Barnard, Plymouth City Council’s Service Director for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, has been awarded the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Gold Medal in recognition of exceptional achievement in the field of town and country planning. 

The Gold Medal is open to all classes of membership internationally and has only been awarded 15 times in the RTPI’s history. Past recipients have included such luminaries as Sir Patrick Abercrombie, Sir Terry Farrell and Sir Peter Hall.

Paul Barnard was described by the RTPI as an ‘exceptional’ town planner, whose leadership, planning expertise, ability to innovate and sheer determination have resulted in planning services at Plymouth City Council now being considered amongst the best in the country.

Planning _Barnard _06 (2)

Above: RTPI Gold Medal winner Paul Barnard

Paul's team has won the RTPI’s prestigious Silver Jubilee Cup three times in recent years, including in 2019 for the City Change Fund, a pioneering community infrastructure initiative which embraces crowdfunding technology.

Paul Barnard said: “I have always been proud of planning and proud of what we as planners achieve. Planning is an inherently democratic process and I am therefore extremely honoured to be awarded the Gold Medal which, for me, acknowledges what local authority planners deliver day in and day out for the communities that we serve.

“Plymouth has been awarded the RTPI Silver Jubilee Cup three times in recognition of the creativity and innovation we have shown in delivering our proactive, positive planning philosophy. It has been a privilege and pleasure to lead such a dedicated group of planning and other professionals who work in the best traditions of public service.

“I became a student member in 1984 and I am grateful to the Institute for the leadership role it plays in supporting planners in their creative endeavours. It is truly humbling to be only the sixteenth recipient of the Gold Medal and to join such an illustrious list of visionary planners.”

Chair of RTPI’s Board of Trustees Sue Bridge said: “It is significant that the RTPI is awarding the highest honour it can give to a local authority planner who has delivered so much through positive planning.”

source: RTPI : 

Call for a Co-Editor: Town Planning Review

The Town Planning Review (TPR), one of the world’s leading journals in the urban and regional planning field since 1910, invites applications for the position of Co-Editor. 

As a leading urban planning and regional planning journal, TPR provides a principal forum for communication between researchers and students, policy analysts and practitioners. It publishes a diversity of research approaches, welcoming full-length papers and review articles contributing to the advancement of town and regional planning research in highly developed economies and in emerging industrial states.

The current editorial team consists of three co-editors and is published by Liverpool University Press

The successful applicant will begin in January 2020.

Find out more about Town Planning Review here.

View the full job description and apply >




  • P4CA Climate Action STUDIO: From 14 to 17 October, the first P4CA Climate Action Studio took place in Zanzibar, a small island at threat of the heavy impacts of climate change. The intention is to apply the P4CA Studio approach in other contexts requiring urgent climate action. By articulating capacity-building and practice in particular locations, the P4CA Studios have the potential to help guiding planners address new pressing climate change issues. They can also demonstrate the power of urban planning practice in supporting effective climate action by national governments and local authorities. Read more here and find our recap video here. We welcome your ideas on potential other Studios in your countries. 


  • THINK PIECES: Do you have a breakthrough idea or an analysis to offer on climate action and urban and regional planning? In the last months, we have received 2 interesting new think pieces that will be shared on our website and social media, would you like to have yours also published? We invite you to submit your think-piece to make this part of P4CA grow! You can submit it and read them all here
    • Content: present an opinion or an idea, evidence-based and short, focusing on topics promoted by P4CA. The aim is to highlight an issue, expand on the underlying theme, and suggest an outcome.      
      Format800 to 1300 words in English language, including title and references. 
      Additional information: Short bio of the author in 50 words (maximum authorized – includes titles and organization name, email and web link)
  • RESEARCH: We are readying a group of academics from across the world to work on a piece of research entitled: Climate change and urban planning: state of the profession. The research will take a two-pronged approach on how well integrated climate action is into 1) urban planning curricula and 2) practice. If you are an academic working in this field and would like to contribute to your region’s research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • COURSE MANUALS REPOSITORY: The repository is being updated of the UN-Habitat website. We will be able to release content next month. Thank you for your patience.
  • MEMBERSHIP: We now count 18 members organizations and more than 280 affiliates

(163 confirmed and 118 in the process)! How exciting!

    • WORLD URBAN FORUM 10, 8-13 February 2020, Abu Dhabi: P4CA will organize its annual members meeting during the Forum (date to be confirmed). Two requests for a side-event and a training event have been submitted by GPEAN and CAP to the WUF10 Secretariat. We will inform you if approved and share details about the events. Find more info about the Forum here.
    • PLEASE CHECK THE P4CA CALENDAR and SHARE WITH US your upcoming events in order to update the calendar.

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