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Another sad news from Italy in less than one week.  Giuseppe Campos Venuti died at age 93.  “Bolognese from Rome”, as he liked to define himself, his contribution to the town planning debate in Italy was decisive.  Generations of students and professionals studied on his books and analysed his work, as a town planner as well as a local administrator.  His main work in terms of visibility also outside the planners community was the “change of Bologna” during the 1960s, when he managed it to combine protection of the historic town centre and the neighbouring landscape with the needs of a contemporary town, including high attention to social housing. His book “Amministrare l’urbanistica” (Management of urbanism), written in 1967, was actually trendsetting. The mayor of Bologna stated that Campos Venuti’s work of fifty years ago makes it a different town, a better town this very day.