Working Groups

General Objectives

The Young Planners Workshop is an activity from the ECTP-CEU in frame of its objectives as Association that provides its members a common framework for planning practice, planning education and identifies, celebrates and rewards examples of good planning all over Europe.

Within these objectives, the Young Planners Workshop aims to provide a framework for discussion and reflection among Europeans young planners on current urban issues as well as to disseminate the principles and objectives of the European Union relating to the territorial and urban planning.

The ECTP-CEU Young Planners workshop is organised in link with two other ECTP-CEU activities: European Biennial of Towns and Town Planners and the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards.

These events are bi-annualy; so one year the Young Planners Workshop topics and meetings are shared with the Biennial and the following year with the European Awards.

Before final presentation two online audio-meetings are foreseen to enrich contents of papers, improving exchanges of experiences between participants and to identify the points of discussion for the final presentations.

As conclusion of the Workshop, the ECTP-CEU publishes an e-book with all projects and works developed and presented during the Young Planners Workshop.

Working Group Constituted at the Paris General Assembly 2011

Working Group Chair : Ignacio Pemán

Members:Ignacio Pemán, Dominique Lancrenon, Kristin Nordli, Filip Novosád, Joris Scheers

(Group leader: Dominique Lancrenon).

ExCo Member: Dominique Lancrenon

Group members:

Dominique Lancrenon, Martin Berchtold, Nuno Norte Pinto, Michael Stein, Pierre Collardey 


ECTP-CEU Group of “New ICT in Planning Practice”


The new working group “New ICT in Planning Practice” (WG_NICT) will promote the use of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in common planning practice at all scales and in all planning contexts.

The main goals are:

  • §To promote knowledge transfer between research and practice in the field by bridging the existing gap between practitioners (planners, urban designers, architects, engineers, …) and the very rich community of researchers focused on the application of ICT-based approaches and methods to spatial and urban planning;
  • §To disseminate new practices based on the use of ICT in spatial and urban planning, improving the technical quality of spatial planning and urban design in general;
  • §To be a forum of discussion of these topics in the European planning arena.


Main Activities

The main activities of the group will be:

  • To organize initiatives that promote the use of ICT in spatial planning and urban design both at the European and at the national levels;
  • To promote the knowledge transfer between research and practice in the field;
  • To promote the interaction of the WG_NICT with other institutions outside ECTP-CEU which are dedicated to the same research and practice topics;
  • To generate the proper resources to disseminate its work, namely a webpage within the ECTP-CEU portal, and online and printed publications in the field.


Upcoming Events

Imagina 2013, February 19 to 21, 2013, Monaco

The next edition of imagina will lay the foundations of a new type of event in Europe by connecting the digital technologies for 3D modelling and simulation to the emerging issues related to the layout of smart cities, territory sustainable management and environmental protection. More info at

Pour sa prochaine édition, imagina pose les fondements d'un nouveau concept de manifestation européenne en rapprochant, de manière inédite, les technologies numériques de modélisation et de simulation 3D avec les nouveaux enjeux liés à l'aménagement des villes intelligentes, la gestion durable des territoires et la préservationde notre environnement. Informations à

CAMUSS, International Symposium on Cellular Automata Modeling for Urban and Spatial Systems, November 8-10 2012, Oporto, Portugal

After more than three decades of intensive research on the development and application of cellular automata (CA) models to simulate urban and spatial systems, it is the time to gather all the researchers that have participated in this area of research. This Symposium is expected to be a reunion of the CA community across the world, bringing together all the generations of researchers who have gave to the CA modeling the complex scientific structure that they currently have. CAMUSS aims to create the proper forum for a deep reflection on the scientific history of CA in Geography and Urban Studies through the presentation of the state-of-the-art research on CA, and to devise a new research agenda for the next decades in this topic. More info at


Links and Resources on New ICT in Planning Practice

Link to the Blog of SRL Working Group “Linked Information Systems in Planning” (in German):

Link to the Website of PNGI* “Planners’ Network Geo-Innovation” (in German):

Upcoming IGI Global book on Virtual Cities and Territories:

Working Group Chair: Henk van der Kamp.
Working Group members :
Henk van der Kamp, Dominique Lancrenon, Philippe Doucet and Paulo Correia.

Follow-up 2016:
Consultation on Professional Competences
Paper debated at the Autumn 2016 General Assembly in Ljubljana


ECTP-CEU Study Profession Qualification Recognition - Stage II document (English)
(September 2013)

ECTP-CEU Study Profession qualification Recognition - Stage I document (English)
(November 2012)
ECTP-CEU Etude reconnaissance qualif des urbanistes - projet.pdf ECTP-CEU Etude reconnaissance qualif des urbanistes - projet.pdf (Français)


ECTP Working Group on the Recognition of Planning Qualifications in Europe
(Henk van der Kamp - June 2011)

Working Group Chair: Vincent Goodstadt
Working Group members :
Vincent Goodstadt (Chair 2013), Paulo V.D. Correia (Coordinator 2003 Review Commission & Président d’honneur ECTP-CEU), Luc-Emile Bouche-Florin (Président d’honneur ECTP-CEU)

The Working group was constituted at the Spring 2010 General Assemble in Edinburg

The result is the Charter of European Planning (see Publications), published in 2013.

The European Charter on Participatory Democracy in Spatial Planning Processes

The Charter of participatory Democracy was approved at the ECTP-CEU General Assembly, Dublin, October 17th 2015.
This primary vocation of this text is to invite all the actors of the planning processes - including politicians and citizens - to share the values stated in this call for action.

Working Group Chair: Luc-Emile BOUCHE-FLORIN
The authors and working group members:
Luc-Emile BOUCHE-FLORIN, Chair, France. Vincent GOODSTADT, United Kingdom. Elias BERIATOS, Greece.
Virna BUSSADORI, Italy.
Paulo CORREIA, Portugal. Pierre-Yves DELCOURT, Switzerland. Maros FINKA, Slovakia.
Dominique LANCRENON, France. Lucy NATARAJAN, United Kingdom. Kristin NORDLI, Norway.

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