Thank you Julian!

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We surprised Julian Hills, our secretary, on his first day of retirement in his garden at home with a basket of local specialties of the Brabant Duchy region, Brussels was once the capital.
We want to thank him for nine years of active and enthusiastic support of our European network of Spatial planners.
Julian was always there to help when needed. And we needed him to bring in pragmatic, diplomatic and creative solutions. More than once it helped him not being a planner :-). At the same time he was the heart of our community, noticing if something went wrong or if someone didn't feel comfortable. He kept the right spirit within our organisation.
Dear Julian, we wish you a fine time in your garden, with your wife Jo and the two cats. We are sure you will continue to make people happy with your warm hearted photography. We are very glad as ECTP that we can still count on you as a volunteer the coming months. The hand over to Martine, our new secretary that will start on August 1st, will therefore be smooth.
On behalf of the European Planners Community, Julian, thanks a lot, mille fois merci, dankjewel!

Joris Scheers
Secretary General

The 2020 European Urbanism Next Conference will be held June 25–26, 2020 at Maassilo in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Pre-conference workshops will be on June 24, 2020.

Inspired by the annual Urbanism Next Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA, we believe Europe needs a similar conference to continue discussions started in the United States two years ago. The Urbanism Next Europe Conference will be an interdisciplinary convening of private, public and academic stakeholders who play critical roles in shaping the future of our cities. The conference will explore how technological, societal and economic trends will change the following:

Land use  |  Urban design  |  Building design  |  Transportation  |  Real estate

Equity  |  Health  |  Economy  |  Environment  |  Governance

Over 250 planners, architects, landscape architects, developers, technology experts, elected officials, academics, and many others are expected to attend the conference.

The Call for Proposals is now open

Proposal Information

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Big changes are coming in Urban Mobility and Urban Development.

They’re coming fast, and will have profound impacts on land use, and real estate, public space, and building design, and on all transport modes.

How can we make sure these innovations actually make our cities better? To go from a reactive to a proactive approach, we need to engage political decision makers, planning and design professionals, real estate developers and the urban logistics sector, researchers and entrepreneurs, mobility service providers and corporate mobility planners, and many more.

Urbanism Next Europe will bring them together to discuss #WhatsNext for Urban Mobility and Development.

The sessions at Urbanism Next Europe will feature in-depth presentations exploring how technological, societal and economic mobility trends will change land useurban designtransport, real estateenvironmentequity,  healtheconomy and governance. Each session will aim for a mix of formats, from traditional ones (presentations with Q/As and panel discussions) to more unconventional ones (Pecha Kucha and 'Brain-squeezing' sessions).

Info : 

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Presentation of the Awards call at the COTER of the Committee of the Regions

ECTP-CEU Secretary General Joris Scheers presented the call for the Awards 2020 at the COTER meeting at the Committee of the Regions. The presentation was warmly welcomed and supported by Kieran McCarthy, Representative of the Committe of the Regions (CoR) and of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy (COTER), Ireland


Joris Scheers with CoR Members at COTER meeting Brussels December 16 2019

Kieran McCarthy shares his enthusiasm of beeing Jury member of the 2020 Awards

thumbnail 4 covers books by Valsson

It is getting harder to re-publish books. Students scan books for their classes… because students prefer to get books free on the Net with a click, rather than to buy, or go to library. --

Trausti Valsson, prof. of planning, Univ. of Iceland; has now placed his 14 books free on his page to set an example. Authors should place their out-of-print books on the Net, as their costs have been covered. It is a big loss if important books become unavailable. The cry of the day is Open Access!

Comments on Valsson´s books: Joe McBride, Prof. at LAEP, UC Berkeley: … “Shaping the Future should be required reading in introductory courses in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning for its insights into the field of planning in the 20th century and its ability to inspire students to be courageous, creative-thinkers.“
Prof. Sir Peter Hall, UCL London, in his preface to “Planning in Iceland”: "Trausti Valsson has achieved an extra ordinary feat of scholarship.“ ... "Valsson´s book sets a new standard in historical scholarship and provides a model for other scholars in other countries to follow.” -- Professor Valsson was the first to be awarded the Honorary Prize of The Icelandic Planners“.