The 9th Planning Awards


ECTP-CEU, with the support of the Committee of Regions, invites you to be candidate for the 9th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2011-2012.

The European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, conferred by ECTP-CEU, give recognition to planning strategies, schemes or developments which make an outstanding contribution to the quality of life in urban and rural regions of Europe.

The aims of the Awards Scheme are to:?

  • Demonstrate to the general public, and to the planning profession in particular, successful and innovative planning projects and developments through which the quality of life of European citizens is enhanced and improved, socially, economically and environmentally.?
  • Promote the views, ideas and Vision of ECTP-CEU on the future of European cities and regions as expressed in the New Charter of Athens 2003 to create and enhance conditions favourable to the promotion of sustainable development.?
  • Illustrate the diversity and wide scope of planning activity today: in regeneration of urban and other areas, economics and leisure, transport and traffic management, as well as promoting economic and social cohesion, enhancing cultural identity, to mention but a few.?
  • Demonstrate clearly the advantages of the participatory planning process, facilitated and enabled by professional planners, showing how the co-operation between and the direct participation of stakeholders, Local Authorities, development agencies and interested citizens can have a synergistic effect of benefit to the whole planning process.?
  • Illustrate the growing significance of the concept of “territorial cohesion” and explain through programmes, plans, concepts and best practices how planners and other stakeholders in spatial development reach across borders to formulate joint strate- gies for tackling problems in an interconnected world.


The scope of the subjects to be considered for the awards embraces published plans and studies, projects involving community participation, and significant physical development, either at a trans-national, national, trans-regional, regional scale or at a local scale. The themes or topics are freely chosen ; they do not have to be considered of “European relevance” to be submitted.

In response to a question raised by some associations, SGS wishes to remind that it is the associations who are requested to fill in the entry form, submit, send the project to ECTP-CEU Headquarters in Brussels, and pay the entries to the Awards, and not the candidates themselves.

Of course, to complete the entry form, each national association needs to receive from their candidates all the necessary information.




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