EFLA is promoting the Young Professionals in Landscape Architecture Competition.

EFLA, the European Federation of Landscape architecture, is promoting the Young Professionals in Landscape Architecture Competition.

EFLA’s main aims are the promotion the profession of landscape architect at an European level, the representation of the profession with the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe and other pan European bodies, and also the provision of an active framework for spreading information about landscape architecture both within and outside the profession, with specific reference to maintaining comparably high standards of education and professional practice.

This year EFLA is organizing a new competition in order to promote European good practice among young professionals and dynamize debate and exchange among professionals. The launching of the competition will be in Tallinn, Estonia, during the General Assembly, and the deadline for works to be presented will be therefore the end of February.

There will be two categories of competition entries:

On site:
- PROJECTS – submissions that contain non?realized projects, student projects in relation to a specificspace, place, or site.

- IMAGES ? submissions that include photographs, plans, drawings of realized landscape architectural(LA) projects, land/landscape art installations or any LA connected work that has been created inrelation to a specific space, place, or site.

Off site:
- PROJECTS – pages that contain non?realized or conceptual projects, etc.
- CONCEPTUAL IDEAS – a broad category that can include pages with any creative work: writtendescriptions of ideas and especially artwork (drawings, poetry, short essays, scenes from films,photography, animations, comic books, etc.) created by landscape architects. Competition entries will be accepted from those aged 35 years or under.

João Teixeira will be one of the members of the jury.