Editorial by Dominique Lancrenon


Dear all,
This August 2013, the main purpose of my editorial is to encourage you to actively participate in the 10th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners in Cascais 18-21 September 2013.

Spatial Planners gather to discuss them on the role of urban and landscape planning, essential to defy the social change crisis we are currently experiencing:

- The principles and commitments of the The Charter of European Planning approved in Barcelona in April 2013 will be at the heart of discussions with the most prominent speakers
- The Young Planners will present the work they have developed during the year in Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Great Britain 
- The SPECIAL project, to which the ECTP-CEU contributes alongside the TCPA, demonstrates how sustainability and energy efficiency are at the heart of the concerns of planners in their projects
- The 10th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, also in connection with the Committee of the Regions,will be launched at this occasion while an exhibition will present the winning projects of the previous edition.

For the first time the General Assembly of the ECTP-CEU will meet at the same time as the Biennial event; guaranteeing a wider European participation in this event, and perpetuating it in time.

At this meeting, we move forward together on the recognition and qualification of planners in Europe, preparing the basic protocols of agreement between countries to allow free movement of spatial planners.

I especially want to thank João Teixeira and the City of Cascais who had the courage to organize the 10th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners in these difficult times, we aknowledge the energy to mobilize participants.

Let me have a special thought for our Turkish colleagues whose struggle for the protection of a common heritage that is Taksim square shows the real commitment of professionals for the functioning of democracy, fundamental value uniting Europe people.
We are on their side in these dramatic moments and hopefully, founders of better times.

Finally, during the last days of the year as President of the ECTP-CEU, I would particularly like to thank Bruno Clerbaux, our Secretary General who led a tireless and tenacious action to allow our volunteer organization to have a better visibility and recognition, especially by organizing its headquarters in BELO offices in Brussels, working in harmony with sister associations AESOP, IFHP and ISOCARP with whom we now share the office, developing new services for our members through the development of the website, and numerous other great and creative initiatives that I undertake to pursue my best in the coming years.

See you in September in Cascais

Dominique Lancrenon
President ECTP-CEU