New ExCo

The ECTP-CEU Executive Committee has been elected at it's General Assembly in Barcelona on April 22nd 2013.
This newley elected Committee will start its term after the conclusion of the General Assembly following the one at which it is elected; being in Cascais September 22nd.
The Executive Committee as from September 22 2013 is composed of:
• First President: (Autumn 2013-Autumn 2015) Hendrik van der Kamp (IE)
• Second President: (Autumn 2015-Autumn 2017) Joris Scheers (B)
• Secretary-General: Dominique Lancrenon (F)
• Treasurer: Michael Stein (D)
• Administrator: Vincent Goodstadt (UK)
• Administrator: João Teixeira (P)
• Administrator: Ignacio Gavin Peman (E)