Call for Tenders


>> Clic here to access the ECTP-CEU Call for Tenders Service


This Tender Service proposes tenders mostly for Spatial Planners from all over Europe.

The tenders are classified by the following categories:

  • Prior Information Notice
  • Additional information
  • Contract notice
  • Contract award
  • Public works concession
  • Design contest
  • Qualification system with call for competition
  • Results of design contests
  • Voluntary ex ante transparency notice
  • Dynamic purchasing system


The tenders can be sorted and selected by date, type, country, title, reference.

The Tender service is accessible to individuals only who will have a personal user name and password

  • To receive a user name and password, the following is required:
    • be member of an ECTP-CEU member (either full member or corresponding member)
    • ask to be subscribe to the specific list giving access to the service
    • pay a yearly fee of 25,00 €


Therefore, in the case an individual Spatial Planner is neither

    • member of a national association that is an ECTP-CEU full member or
    • member of a corresponding member

they can first become corresponding member (see here for info).


Subscription to the Tender service is for two years, the subscription being 50,00€ for two years.

To subscribe, please contact the Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See here an example of a displayed tender.

DEMO of the Service


>> Clic here to access the ECTP-CEU Call for Tenders Service