Vision 2020 ECTP-CEU

Working Group Chair: Joris Scheers
Working Group members:
Joris Scheers (ECTP-CEU, VRP Belgium), Virna Bussadori (ASSURB Italy), Geza Salamin (MUT Hungary), Brendan Allen (IPI Ireland), Philippe Doucet (SFU France), Richard Blyth (RTPI United Kingdom) and Kent G. Dagsland Håkull (FKP Norway)

ECTP-CEU as the European spatial planning reference organisation in 2020

In a rapidly changing European society, spatial planners need to provide solid mid and long term visions to sustain and improve the quality of life in neighbourhoods, cities and territories. As we revised the Charter of Athens in 2003 and in 2013, we need to keep pace with the changing social, economic and political contexts and revise the ECTP-CEU’s organisation.

Challenges such as migration, climate change and environmental degradation ask for coherent solutions, based on bringing together a diverse pallet of expertise. The spatial organisation of the environment we live in, remains our core focus. With our 35th anniversary within sight, we as ECTP-CEU need to be prepared to adequately adapt ourselves to a changing society and have the ambition to become the reference organisation in Europe when it comes to spatial planning practice. This consultation paper therefore sets out, as a basis for discussion, some key principles that allow the ECTP-CEU to become widely recognized as such.
Historical basis and situation today

Draft document discussed at the October Autumn 2016 General Assembly in Ljubljana.
Working Group created February 2017