2020 - Young Planners Workshop "Heritage in a Planning Context"

In the last twenty years, the cultural heritage role in urban management has evolved from institutionalising conservation efforts to placing heritage at the heart of sustainable development.
Therefore, the aim of the workshop is to question and understand the dynamics and interactions between cultural heritage, conservation, sustainability and the planning context.
These fields have been regarded as opposing practices by some, although it has long been accepted that good planning is necessary and also responsible for conservation to date in many countries.

The participants of the 2020 Young Planners workshop will be integrated in the ECTP-CEU General Assembly in October 2020 in Athens.

As conclusion of workshop, the ECTP-CEU will publish an e-book with all projects and works developed and presented in the framework of Young Planners Workshop.

!! Submissions must be entered by April 15th 2020 !!

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