2013 – The Charter of European Planning

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Charte ECTP CEU Couverture 3

The 2013 Barcelona General Assembly of ECTP-CEU approved in April 2013 “The Charter of European Planning”. This combines the Istanbul Addendum with the 2003 New Charter of Athens into a single document.

It retains the core Vision in the 2003 NCA document but made clearer, less time-dated and stronger. It also promotes a more pro-active role for planners in shaping public debate, (e.g. in dealing with the economic role of planning).

It updates the 2003 Charter so that it continues to be relevant to the current and future issues Europe faces which need to be greater weight than they were given in the 2003 Charter (e.g. climate change, regional planning and ecosystems).

It has been renamed The Charter of European Planning because this reflects more clearly its purpose.

This now allows the ECTP-CEU to develop an Action Plan over the next two years in order to implement the Charter. This will be targeted at groups of stakeholders such as our members, the European Union and our national governments, for example, in terms of its implications for metrpolitan planning areas or for planning schools.

In addition it has been agreed to update the Code of Conduct and refer to it in the Charter of European Planners. The existing Code (drafted 25 years ago) is now in need of a review; the revised draft Code of Conduct reflects the update that is required.

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