CITY REBOOT: Post-Pandemic Planning and the New European Bauhaus – eBook

ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop 2021

The topic relies on the New European Bauhaus initiative launched in order to open the door to a more holistic approach to our built environment, seeking to combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability, and investment to help deliver the European Green Deal and to enhance, at the same time, economic, social, environmental and cultural values. This Initiative sets out the shared values regarding sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness.

The 2021 Young planners workshop’s primary purpose is to identify and collect best practice examples and innovative projects and ideas, both in practice and education. In that manner, the workshop should serve as an information platform to actively engage young professionals and academics to rethink and discuss post-pandemic city and reach a large audience via ECTP member organisations.

City reboot refers to the act or an instance of starting anew or making a fresh start on the Bauhaus ideas.

Covid-19 crisis, using equitable recovery planning across Europe backed by broader resilience, renewal, and growth programs, which should be taken as a starting ground for the Workshop.

In this workshop, the ECTP-CEU seeks to contribute to the debate on the ability of planning to find innovative ways of balancing spatial and urban development with sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness in the post-pandemic world. The essential ECTP-CEU goal is to contribute to the Co-design phase of the New European Bauhaus by sharing successful examples in the planning domain and create a starting ground for developing new ideas that could be further submitted within New European Bauhaus pilots, supported by specific calls for proposals.

This workshop seeks innovative projects from participating countries which manage this complex relationship, and we ask that they be brought as exemplars for learning between nations. These might include:

  • sharing innovative examples of planning practice, theory and education aimed at the creation of beautiful, sustainable, inclusive living
  • sharing innovative ideas – investigating and providing understanding of relevant theories, concepts, theoretical models, instruments of both planning and governance that can reboot the city and provide more beautiful. sustainable and inclusive living environment.
  • addressing challenges that prevent us from living together in harmony with ourselves and with the environment in the post-pandemic world.

The work in the Ebook will be presented at the Athens ECTP-CEU GA on 06/11/2021

The EBook