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Implementing ECTP-CEU’s Re-START Europe Declaration :
A joint project LINCOLN Institute – ECTP-CEU

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Call for European case studies

Update on the call to members of ECTP-CEU for case studies of Post-COVID recovery plans building on the Re-Start Europe declarationMore info on the call :

ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners – Conseil Européen des Urbanistes) felt the need to reflect on the effects of the current crisis on our future living and working environment.  Therefore, the General Assembly approved last October 2020 the above cited Declaration.

This Declaration seeks to harness the creative power and technical expertise of spatial planners in tackling the social and economic crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  It has amplified inequalities and exposed the fragilities in societies across Europe, impacting the short term, but threatening the medium and long-term wellbeing of communities across Europe.

In order to implement this declaration and to make it tangible and concrete, Lincoln Institute and ECTP-CEU signed on April 1st 2021 a contract for a joint project.  The objective is to collect best practices, harnessing the power of spatial planning for a just recovery across Europe, underpinned by a wider agenda for resilience, renewal and growth.

We want to highlight qualitative responses to Covid-19 which is accelerating trends and creating new trajectories that are re-shaping our towns and cities.  Revitalised spatial planning is needed to manage the new economic geography of Europe being created by new business practices, home working and more localised and diversified supply chains.

Extended deadline (phase 1) to July 10th 2021