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– White Paper 2011- Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area
EC DG mobility and transport – June 2011 – Clic here to download the ppt (7mb)

– POLIS ‘Identification and mobilization of solar potentials via local strategies – Work Package 3 : Development of City Actions plans & Pilot actions – Deliverable 4 : Action Plans of Polis Cities. Click here

– Un demi-siècle d’initiatives pour l’aménagement du territoire européen, Ph. De Boe, Th. Hanquet, L. Maréchal. click here

– 2010 Activity report /rapport d’activité 2010 Sustainable territorial developement committee / Commission du Développement territorial durable : click here

– Ninth issue of Vital Spaces (3rd for 2010), the Newsletter of the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management and its Working Party on Land Administration : pdf